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West Wilts Hockey Squad Gear Up For Summer

Kukri kitted West Wilts Ladies Hockey team are looking good this summer - especially the Summer League Squad who're currently mid-table against a range of teams from Wiltshire and Bath.

West Wilts' Kirsten Kerr-Bonner commented: "Last year we barely saw the sun but this year the white kit has been a great choice as we have yet to play in the rain!"

Their kit incorporates all four main club colours - green (main kit), orange (away strip), purple (historic touring kit), white (historic away strip).

Kirsten added: "It all then ties in neatly with our socks. The captain, Katie, designed three options on your website and put them to the vote - and this was the most popular. The team really like the kit so we have also used it for the annual Bath 7's a couple of weeks ago. If the sun shines at Wimbourne Wayfarers Festival in July we will also wear it then. We like the way it looks, the design, lightweight and good quality."

Looking good ladies and good luck for the rest of the season!
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Friday 27-06-2014