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Burgh Varsity comes to town!

We love Kukri derbies and Varsity season throws up some real classics! Burgh Varsity is no exception as University of Edinburgh and Heriot-Watt University clash in their annual challenge on Wednesday 14th March.

It's a relatively young Varsity series, starting in 2006, but it's as intense as any rivalry around. Edinburgh Uni have dominated so far, coming out on top in all bar two years - one being 2011, so they'll be eager to win back the Quaich (that's the Burgh Varsity trophy to you & me)!

Over the past few years, the Varsity programme has expanded to include more teams, with more focus on participation and this year's varsity will be the biggest to date with 18 sports competing - which we think is great! The Quaich only covers the sports originally part of Varsity - Football, Hockey and Rugby - and this year, a Challenge Cup has been introduced to cover all sports competing and will give a true reflection of the winners.

Falling at the end of the competitive season, for most of the teams, Varsity is the biggest event of the year and one all the players truly look forward to! The head to head clashes will take place at the following Edinburgh locations below:

Peffermill Playing Fields
The Pleasance
Heriot-Watt University
St Leonard's Land
& more!

We'd like to wish both teams the very best of luck - we hope the series is tremendously enjoyable and a great success all round.

Click here to view the fun event preview video preview we did for them!

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Friday 27-06-2014